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25 Sep, 2019

Socialism Takes, Capitalism Creates

The free-market system has been the biggest creator of wealth and prosperity the world has ever known—lifting billions of people out of poverty and far […]

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4 Dec, 2014

Small Business Gets Attack Trifecta

There’s a new target today in the “Fight for 15.” Today’s union-backed disruptions at businesses in 190 cities nationwide have added convenience stores to its […]

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22 Oct, 2014

In Small Business We Trust

The polling firm Gallup recently reported that Americans’ approval of Congress is a mere 14 percent. This is exactly where it has been stuck most […]

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21 Oct, 2014

JCN CEO In the News: NLRB and Franchisees

This Sunday, the (Worcester, MA) newspaper posted an extensive article on the controversial recommendation by the National Labor Relations Board to force individual franchise […]

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9 Oct, 2014

The Part-Time Problem of the ACA

The portfolio of large retailers succumbing to the cost pressures of the Affordable Care Act has grown by one. Walmart announced that as of Jan. […]

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