Javier Loya

Chairman & CEO, OTC Global Holdings, LP

Industry: Energy

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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of OTC Global Holdings, LLP, the largest independent commodities broker in the United States with clients that include 225 of the Fortune 500.

Since the company’s founding in 2007, grew employment 300 percent. Previously was founding partner and chief executive officer of Choice Energy Group, a leading institutional natural gas and electricity broker.

Awards include Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year, 2010; Emerging Leader Award, Greater Houston Partnership, 2007; Hispanic Business Man of the Year, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, 2004; and Entrepreneur of the Year, Young Entrepreneurs Organization, 2003.

Graduate of Columbia University where he received the prestigious John Jay Award for distinguished professional achievement.

Commodities are the lifeblood of our global economy and impact all of our lives. As brokers, we play a pivotal role in helping our international client base manage risk and market volatility each day. To that end, our business is reliant upon the unique talents of our employees, and we are always looking to recruit and retain the best minds in the business. Like so many on the OTCGH team, I was initially drawn into commodities brokering because I saw an opportunity to fulfill a personal entrepreneurial dream. Only by continuing to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, implementing responsible regulation and focusing on education will the U.S. be able to maintain a competitive advantage in the marketplace in the years ahead so that others are also able to make similar entrepreneurial dreams come true.