JCA’s Bernie Marcus reacts to troubling January jobs report

Posted on February 4, 2013 by Trey Garrison

The January numbers bode ill for the start of 2013.

Job Creators Alliance (JCA) founder and leader; Bernie Marcus, Co-Founder of Home Depot, reacted to the January jobs report.

Marcus said: “Coupled with the news that our economy actually shrank at the end of 2012, today’s jobs report is just one more piece of gloomy news to kick off 2013. Pathetic job growth and sustained long-term unemployment have become hallmarks of an unacceptable status quo. Given that the American people voted last November with economic issues top of mind, you would think that their elected officials would prioritize job creation above all else. Instead, all we see from Washington is the President shutting down his jobs council, and Congress passing higher taxes.”

“Instead of doubling down on policies hostile to free enterprise, politicians should listen to what entrepreneurs and job creators are saying: the path to renewed prosperity is paved with fiscal discipline, reduced spending, tax reform and a commonsense rollback of red tape from Washington,” concluded Marcus.