Scott Verner

President and CEO, Nipro Diagnostics

Industry: Healthcare

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In 2007, Scott was recruited by the CEO and Board of Directors of Home Diagnostics, Inc. to re-energize and organize the company’s fragmented sales and marketing department, as Senior Vice President. During the next three years, he engineered the company’s turnaround, leading to its acquisition by Nipro Corporation at 5 times trading price.

In 2010 he was named President of Nipro Diagnostics, Inc., a subsidiary of Nipro Corporation, formed in the merger of Home Diagnostics Inc. and Nipro Diabetes Systems, Inc. He subsequently led the company’s post-merger and integration activities, while providing leadership and direction to the diagnostic, OTC, insulin delivery, pharmacy, and pharmaceutical divisions. As chief strategy architect for the strategic plan, and lead builder of new revenue platforms for the company, Scott has led his team to deliver 8 consecutive quarters of earnings, revenue, and double digit market share gains, while holding the spending line, and competing against J&J, Bayer, Roche and Abbott.

Scott’s earlier career was marked by continuous promotion into leadership roles as a result of his success in new product launch, sales and sales management, and team building. At Novartis, he served as Territory Manager of the Professional Products Group in 1988, and was promoted to become the group’s Senior Sales Manager in 1991. He later became Market Manager of Novartis’ $1 billion medical device and OTC business. He joined Allergan in 2001, leading sales and national account teams as Zone Manager of the $1 billion pharmaceuticals and OTC products division. He was promoted in 2002 to U.S. Region Manager of Advanced Medical Optics (A.M.O), a $515 million Allergan spin-off that he had helped established as a stand alone, fully integrated pharmaceutical and medical device company.

In 2004, Scott was recruited by the President and Board of Directors of EyeTel-Imaging, Lilly Joint Ventures (a joint venture of Eli Lilly, Johns Hopkins, and Bain Capital), to rebuild and launch North American sales, marketing, and reimbursement teams, as Vice President of Sales and Corporate Vice President. Over the next two years, he negotiated licensing and co-branding agreement with Neurometrix, created the strategic plan and budget for the company’s launch into the Ophthalmic diagnostic and Optometric markets, and positioned the company for its eventual sale to Neurometrix.

Scott is currently serving on the Board of Directors of Nipro Diagnostics, Inc., and is chairman of the Board of Directors of Applied Sciences Corporation. He also serves as a National Marketing Committee member on the Board of Directors of Prevent Blindness, and as Finance Director and Marketing Committee Member for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations. With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Tampa, Scott resides in Parkland, Florida with his wife and two children.