Employer to Employee Education Program

Employer to Employee Education Program (E2E)

America’s employees, particularly non-union employees, are an untapped reservoir of support for free enterprise. Job Creators Network Foundation’s E2E Communication Program leverages employee support by providing employers across America with the tools, materials, and guidance they need to educate their employees about the impact of government policies on their jobs, pay, benefits and families. E2E promotes a better-informed public by educating employers about information they can legally provide to their employees. A well-informed public is the best defense against bad public policy. See example videos below:

Network Tools

JCNF provides employers with a wide range of tools to assist employee communications in town hall meetings, on company television, through e-mail, through social media, by paycheck stuffers or handouts.

  • “Kitchen Table Economics” Email Newsletters
  • Internet and social media support
  • Educational videos
  • Infographics and blog posts


Please explore some examples of JCNF’s E2E educational materials by clicking on the samples below.

Information Station


Visit our employee information site,, and learn how government policies affect you, your job, and your family.