Weekly Pulse: Majority of Americans Don’t Think Candidates Will Keep Their Word

62 percent say media coverage was biased

November 7, 2018

Washington, DC (November 7, 2018) – Regardless of how the midterm battle would eventually turn out, most Americans headed into Election Day skeptical of whether the candidates would keep their word, and two thirds believed the media coverage was biased, according to a special Election Edition of the Job Creators Network/ScottRasmussen.com Weekly Pulse, released this afternoon.

“The candidates and the media have a credibility problem,” said JCN Foundation President Elaine Parker. “Based on this data, everyone involved in the political process, especially the media, will have to work very hard to build trust with the electorate.”

According to the survey, conducted on November 5th and 6th,, 52 percent of Americans don’t believe that the candidates on the ballot today will keep their promises if elected. Only 7 percent think it’s very likely. 62 percent of Americans say the media coverage of the election has been somewhat biased or very biased. Of that group, 68 percent believe the coverage was biased in a way that hurt Republicans and helped Democrats.

The Pulse also found strong opposition to one of the leading healthcare proposals touted by Democrats this year, the so-called Medicare for All plan being pushed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I). Under that plan, private health insurance would be banned and replaced with a system run entirely by the government. Fifty percent of Americans say they don’t want the next Congress to pursue such a system. Only 20 percent think it’s a good idea.

Meanwhile, 66 percent of Americans want the next Congress to reduce the size and influence of government and let free markets guide the economy. Only 34 percent want a bigger role for the government.

“It is very clear that Democrats who are campaigning on socialized medicine and bigger government would come into office next year facing significant public resistance,” said Parker. “That’s a very positive sign for our organization, which fights for free markets.”